Love at first sight

I’m intimate with myself
No, not like that
I’m just really feeling myself
I’m digging my looks because nobody Would
No, not like that
But admire my design like I could
My design is my face, my parents art, yet Again my unusual design
Like If he or she is the frog
Then I’m the floating leaf in the pond
They hop and hop hoping for change
But I stay put, never go outside my lane
I may be equal to the other floating leaves
But I’m better, and what’s better than equal
Besides the opposite of evil?
Good. Yes, I am good at
Carrying my self-esteem higher than a kite
You cannot call me ugly, you would be
I don’t think I would care if you did
As a matter of fact my self-esteem is so High, I think it may even get high
High off of life, high from the equal love
It and I share.
My permanent, unique design is the key to me
So to give you and whoever else closure and acceptance
Yes. I am very intimate with myself.
Good looking indeed, and indeed good Looking.
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2016


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