Sexually Speaking

Baby you got soul, this is very unusual but

I wanna see how wild you are at a

two body party

It’s not necessarily a party because no one’s really invited

There are no rules and regulations

Just bring you, accept that as your invitation

Ooh baby you got soul!

I want to know if you can spread like a split

Believe me, I’m not really into the fitness

You are a true goddess, god himself is my witness

Listen, I hope I’m not causing too much tension

I don’t mean undivided as I mention this

but I’m just trying to capture your attention

Reel you in into a deep sacred place

Where you can rule the world

You’ll be stress free, if you let me change your P-O-V

It’ll be less of a mess if you’re not painting an ugly picture

Whether you’re awake or asleep

Either way, if I unlocked your door with the proper key

That ugly painting will be apart of me

Nevertheless of becoming a beautiful art piece

I just want to know how far into your soul can I go

Without the miscommunication of a deep conversation

Baby you definitely got soul

You got me Yelling to the sky, waiting for you to reply

Your looks is one I can remember but can’t deny

Then again this is me, waiting for time to fly like a bird

This is me waiting for you to say it’s me that you heard

This is me chillin’ in my dream cloud with a loud mouth

And little actions

Waiting for some action to happen

Love don’t cost a thang so don’t tell me you taxin’

I’m faxin’ my expressions across the mind to my dream crush

Don’t get me wrong, I can control my hormones

But sometimes they have a mind and legs of their own

Don’t wait until later, after I’ve lost my voice at another party

I don’t mean literal, so don’t take it too personal

Baby with the soul, now would be the time to claim the throne

Sexually speaking, nah I’m not always like this

but for you I am.

©Kiah-kay Holman, 2016



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