I would look better if I was inside out
Dark on the inside with the lights out
Not sure how that would feel
But I know I don’t feel I’m completely numb

When you’re set on fire 

It burns down the physical as well

Oh well, but let me tell you how I feel

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a liar,
I know I said I couldn’t feel but I also said I was numb
Which means I am numb on the outside
My insides are burning hot,
They’re burning down like the london bridge
My body’s the opposite of floatin on the ocean
Torn away like a child is from an unfit motha
Anotha dose of today’s criticism
Won’t affect my determinism
Okay, I see you tryna kill my vibe
But peep my pride, like beyonce’ it’s too big and too wide
I understand you want my shine to dim and be pitch black dark like yours
Unable to see you, the real you
Why you hiding? From what I know, I thought you knew
I know you’ve known, bout me a long time
I know you know bout this fine glass of wine
And I know you know when it’s grind time
So please don’t act brand new, my skin I love, I do
Im dark, I’m smooth
We as colored folks come in all shapes and sizes
But I happen to be the dark one
In which my family is too
Remember when I said I was burning hot?
I’m just playin bout that im cool.
Just like my skin complexion
Just like this skin lecture
Im well
how can you not tell?
Can’t you see my life is going well
Nah. Im not showin out
Nor am I raisin raisin hell
It’s just a show and tell.
Remember when I said I would look better if I was inside out?
I know I said I wunt a liar, but I lied, no doubt
But I tried to confess to the rest how I WOULD’VE felt if I really thought I didn’t fit
If I really thought my skin was ugly.
If I really thought no one loved me
But I guess I have so much confidence,
That I became insecure of that
But then again, even that would be nonsense
And I’m too cool for that
My skin is far more important than you ridiculous judgment
I love it, I love me, I won’t tease you, so don’t try me
When it’s all said and done you’re the one
Looking in mirror with the runny mascara
I know I’m beautiful, it’s cool.
Thanks but no thanks, but your personal opinions only reflect on and matter to you.
I am a beautiful black girl, you’re so hopeless and ashamed that you don’t know that you are too.
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2016


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