Moving in silence

Sometimes I just sit in the dark and vibe to the silence
because nowadays, silence is the only peaceful breath you can take
I stand on a planet where the loudest parade marches near the curb of the sidewalk
Where the wildest jungles rawr and screech near the path to pond
Where the heaviest thunder pounds where my escape route lies.
I cannot stand to be overwhelmed
It feels like a hard and tangled knot that quickly expands from from the tip of my narrow fingers
To the horizon of my burning head
My shoulders feel tense
My legs feel weak
And the tiniest spot behind my eyes are slightly throbbing
The whole world is going crazy except me
Or am I going crazy because I am overthinking it?
I can’t bare the thought of being frustrated
It’s frustrating just thinking about feeling frustrated
It feels like my thoughts are multitasking
With nothing and something at once
How can I jungle nothing if nothing is literally nothing
But then again nothing is the absence of something
So I am juggling something
Which is practically nothing

Why am I moving? Perhaps I am leaving.
But where am I going? Maybe this is a sign
A sign of terror that will soon be pleasure
With pleasure everything is greater
With everything being great-er
Things will be easier
And when things are easy, things get silent
At ease
Very still
Peaceful like the palm trees in the warm air, under the sunset
Very still like the chameleon sitting on the strong
tree branch in Australia
At ease like the aftermath of taking ibuprofen while having severe pains
I already see myself walking on a busy highway
Even though everything around me is moving fast
Everything away from me appears to be at a turtle’s pace
I can see myself falling out of the plane
Even though I am slicing through the clouds
I am also swimming through the sky
How I am suddenly feeling relieved?
The noise was isolated
My thoughts were calm… very calm
I was finally at peace
I silently made peace with reality
And as a reward, there was peace in my mind when I closed my eyes.
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2016


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