Save the world

Dear lord help my dearest people
I’m trying to wrap my mind around this
and let it penetrate
Yet I’m stuck at the gate,
I let my heart disintegrate
My mind is bleeding heavy like it menustrates
Heal my people and save them
because they don’t dream anymore they hallucinate
Whatever happened to dreaming
going forward with the dream?
Nowadays they find addictions and mimic the schemes
But see, its seems as if they were raised solo
in a hut or a tunnel
Not raised properly in the arms of a mother
Who has already done it
The love she gives is rejected because of what the father did
Remember it? Now forget it
Save these generations
because it looks as if they have no limits
But remember when y’all did it back when y’all was livin’ with ya mamas,
Going to the next house during works hours
because there was no connection to the fathers
As a child mama was strict
But when away you were sent
Buck wild you went
Then someone would tattle and the whippings you’d get
Whatever happened to listening to the older siblings?
Today’s kids are killing me
Dishonest to the friends, but loyal to their enemies
Disrespectful to their parents, but trustworthy to their cousins
The disobedience rules the land of the children
Please my dear god
save my peers before something ruins them
Save them before they are locked away for life
Save them before they are gone for good and fly like a kite
Save them… save me … save the world
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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