PT.2: Tattoo me crazy

“You know I love you girl”
That’s all he kept saying
He said it so often my line was I love too
I never had the chance to say it first
But he was my first, so that was fine
Until those lines turned into blurry lies
He turned on me
He and his friends made fun of me
They called me crazy they called me stupid
He even had a new girlfriend without calling it quits
She called me an idiot monkey
One day I was walking he bumped me and he tripped me
I fell on my knees and I fell to the ground
Everything came back to me
My heart shivered and it released something heavy
My eyes blacked out
My hand began to shake and sweat
When my vision came back, I looked up
And her shoelaces were speaking to me
His belt buckle smiled at me
They said “It’s time”
I quickly ran away into the ladies room
I looked in the mirror
And scream
“please go away, I begged”
But it seems as though they came to my rescue
I became evil, my scissors became a weapon
I stepped into the hallway
As soon as he came by, I stabbed him
He fell to the floor whimpering
I dropped to my knees and cried
I was disappointed
But a simple flashback came to me
And I was happy again
The pencil in his left pocket said “great job, but maybe one more poke will do it”
I pulled the scissors from his belly and
Stabbed him once more like the pencil had said.
“again, so he can really feel it” it said
So again I did
His belt buckle shouted at the both of us and said “that’s enough! No more”
He laid there and bled out whimpering even softer
I heard a gym whistle and a guard came running down
I ran, so that he could save my first love
I ran home and into my room
And looked at the mirror
“idiot monkey” I said angrily to myself
“what have you done”? I said sadly to myself
“letting him feel it” I replied to myself with a smart remark
Then the doorbell rings and I sat on my bed
Trying to imagine it being a song
It rung about four times before I realized it was
Actually not a song and someone was there
I opened it and all I could remember was
The police saying
“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.”
I looked at everything in my sight
But nothing was talking to me
I also remember, I was in one mood
I was scared… again
When I got to court he immediately
told me I have to serve six years in a hathway house
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2015
(“CALL ME CRAZY, BUT…” pt.3)


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