PT.3: Crazy are not

“kill him” the window said
“Run away, it’ll all be okay. Besides he is not your god, I am!” it says
I found myself spiritually killing the only man I ever called father
I killed god himself
There I was sitting at the edge of the bridge
Getting ready to jump
I forgot to tell him how sorry I am
I forgot to tell him who I am
My abnormal thoughts are taking over
My head spins and fills
But that’s nothing compared to the other me
The second me
There are two of me
Well this one in particular
She angry and bitter
She’s sad and she’s bitter
She’s lost and she’s bitter
She’s happy and she more bitter
Oh god…
I’m sorry… no, I’m not sorry
I’m distracted.. wait no, I’m attracted
But, attracted to who?
I love you… what is that exactly?
Oh god help me!
There is no god
I killed him because
I am a disaster
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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