Love and loyalty

The start of our love has become
an endless journey to our passionate future
There has been no one in my life to walk on pin and needles with
through the dark, narrow alley
But you met me halfway through my misery and accompanied me with light and shoes made of gold to make it through
All the joy you’ve brought to me, I have forgotten how to cry
When you smile, I blush
When you kiss me, My heart extends with love
When you touch me, my stomach fills with butterflies
I must say, this is my first time ever building such an enchanting bond
I’ve never drained so much odium before.
Your remarkable face is so unforgettable,
I carry you around with me in my memories
Everywhere I go
So at this point, all I want to say is you’re amazing
I’ve never loved any man as much as I love you

I love you
I do
I do
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2015

For Lizette


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