Weak mind

Where I come from
Women are suppose to be envied
men are suppose to be emperors
But instead we fight and bicker
We call each other out of our name
Then turn around say I love you, babe
You missed me, I missed you
So from here what do we do?
I just want you to tell me you love me too
…Yet, that’s the problem
The same old problem
That confused us both, so we never solved it
The same old girl, I didn’t use a condom with
So You’re stuck in the past, now you live in it
Women hold on to one thing
And want to throw it back at us when we escape from under their wing
But see, you are me
What about last week
When you tried to get back at me
And ended up going too far with your scheme?
Please, I have dirt on you too
But you wouldn’t like it if I threw it back at you
It’s easy to start the fire but it can
Be complicated to put it out
If you hate me, you’ll see me
If you love me, you’ll hear me
…And even though you’re angry
Not once, was I able to see you
You are just a visible living spirit to my soul
You have to let go of my mistakes
I have to let go of yours
But from here, where should we go?
How do we stand a new start?
I love you, I love you too

©Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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