Do you remember how you used sit in your own shadow and cry?
Do you remember how you never looked in the mirror?
Remember when you couldn’t recognize yourself?

You should not be afraid of yourself
You cannot allow yourself to mind the other voices
At one point you were dauntless
Now you’re atrocious
Just another vicious soul
What you do, affects your surroundings
You’ve become so numb
That even you cannot stand to be in your own unpleasant presents
You’ve become so oblivious that
You’ve killed the cat long before curiosity had the chance to

You’re Like a rose with fiercely sharp petals
One must go through great pain
Palming, and squeezing the stem
Just to admire the beauty of the rose.
You are only afraid of yourself because
You think you are supposed to see what others see
I must say, your point of view is far different
From others…
when it rains
Others notice first then see the thunderstorms, but you can see the colors of the rainbow through the fog before the rain begins

You’re like a hermit crab, in a crowded shell by choice
But will emerge when you grow out of it.
Do not be afraid of nothing, for the only
Thing you should fear is the kid in
The back of your mind telling you
There is still a boogie man in the closet

Don’t run away because you are afraid, you are afraid because you are curious, and shy.

Just breathe, and take a chance.
©Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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