What bestfriend?

Although we bump like cars
Distant ourselves apart
Yet, scream and debate
Please note, that there is no one existing that can live in your place
When we laugh together, we are the phenomenon
And all of our disappointments cast on
The outsiders are here, but then again they’re gone
My best friend, we are like
Left lung and right, we blow and deflate together
however, we are like clouds, we stick, but we will eventually depart
We were meant to be like family from another family from the start
Maybe they just don’t understand, I do declare and demand
That we are the coolest ones on the land
By land, I mean world
By world I mean, Universe
And the Universe is where we are
And where we are doesn’t matter
I am with my imaginary best friend
By imaginary, I mean non existing
Existing only in thought.
These thoughts only come around every so often
I refuse to think about it at a rate of constant
I refused to have my feelings softened
Friends are your worst enemy, that’s why you all are so close
This is something not everyone knows.

©Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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