Remember You

When I was born, grandpa gave momma a name to give to me, of course I remember…

Momma said “know who you are, and never forget”
But I had to ask
“who am I?”
She said
“Go find yourself
hold within and never go without
never forget what you are stringing along
With you, for
When you return, you will not
Have the same belongings you left with.
My strong anchor,
do not look at me,
For you will only see fears
Do not look in the mirror, for
A glance in the mirror is only a reflection
Of what the world can see
Go find yourself
The world only sees the rapper
But before you open the candy bar
You must know what the inside is like
Just because your name is
At interest
Does not mean
You are a fascinate.

When you find yourself
be satisfied
Remember you and
Never forget you.

Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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