She in school

It’s 7:30am at school and It’s too early
let me explain my day
it was boring and lonely
I had fell asleep in math class,
My teacher is reviewing for the quiz
My ears tune out
I don’t want to listen
I’m just not in the mood to learn
I’m too busy worried about she
She i’ll
She with the round behind
And exposed cleavage
She with the long hair and glossy lips.
I don’t know her name so I’ll call her she for now
She’s a distraction with all the action that she’s packing.
She makes me want to sing
She makes me dream
But only dream of she of course

Wait! I’m lost, what was the answer to number 3?
I’m too busy worried about she
Her shiny hair and a pretty face,
Makes a dropout want to graduate
she is smart, she is envied
She the piece pablo picasso’s art
I wonder where is she now?
probably in the bathroom fixing her hairdo for you know who.
But where’d everybody go?
I can’t focus, I’m too worried about she
The walk down the halls to find
The most beautiful one of all was intense
She by the water fountain topped me in my tracks
Rushing and searching, to only find out she
Wasn’t who I thought she was
She had two boys toys
Although, I am now disappointed and discouraged,
She will not do whatever it is she does with them to me.
But, was I that gullible? I mean, I must be drowning because I cannot breath because
this is a scene that is somehow not seeming to ring.
All the imagining and procrastinating
comes down to all of this. I wasn’t paying attention
And so I failed class over an airhead girl would not only had been mine
She would have just wasted my time now I know
She is not who I thought was to be for me
How can I be so blind to not see?
Oh, I forgot I was too busy thinking about she!

Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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