Fast pace

I stay up
I stay up day and night

If I love you in and out
Will you return the favor
Will you just allow my love
To kill you?

See when I love
I love tight
I love hard
I love fast

So fast it can cause you to not think
So fast that even if you
Tried to love me back
My love would jump
Stop your phrase
And remind you that
I love you

You see, love is strong
Love is grateful
Love is powerful
Love is even hate

We all know love is held in the mind and heart
But one small wrong move
And love turns into hate
And the mind and heart becomes
A brick tied to a dead body in a lake
Sinking all the way down
Until it hits rock bottom
and shatters like
A wet glass slipping out of wet hands

Love can be encouraging
But it can be a drug
Take control of you
And make you do
Absurd things you wouldn’t even
Dream of thinking

When your love is open
And flies freely
Your brain is setting you up
For failure

Your eyes must be open
As if you had no lids
Your brain must be aware
As if you previously warned yourself
And you’re heart must be prepared
As if you’re loving all over again

Love conquers all but not all conquer love
… the fear, risks and patients.

Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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