Picture perfect birthday

I admire you, kinda

Like how I aspire to be like you someday.
Over and over again, I see my future I am
Very much thankful for you and
Eventually my life will turn out like yours

You are the most amazing person any
One could ever meet. But I more admire the
Unique in you, you have

So much strength in you, that It is now
Obvious that you are superwoman. Your

Marvelous beauty & fierce will soon be an
Unforgettable journey to go upon and later I
Can show the world how much of a
Honored it is to have been apart of you

Maybe if you will as a favor, yield(look)
Over to on the left side of this page and read
The Capitalized letters when you are done. I
Honestly just want you to know that your
Everlasting love will carry on with me for a
Really long time.

However, by that I meant your love is
Apart of me, when you are long gone, I am
Pleased to say, I am going with you. I am
Pretty much saying
You are my “Jack” and I will never let go.

But even the world’s dumbest person knows
In my book it is literally
Required for you to live forever because me &
That guardian angel of yours agreed on
Having you around for quite awhile. But I’m
Done talking about that. Remember that
Awkwardly random request that said
“Yield over to the left side of the page?”
Yeah now is the time to do so.

…For Lizette aka mommy😚
Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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