Born again virgin PT.2: second generation.

Police officer: Hello, I’m Natasha Manners. I’m with the homicide investigation team. We have a few of your fingerprints at the scene, you mind telling me what happened?

Me: My name is Lilian, I’m 15 years old and I am the real friend of the daughter, of the lady in the born again virgin story.
I’ll tell you later why I’m the onetelling the story.
And by the way her daughter name is chase
It all started in the school hallway
And these girls in my class China, Eva, Lanae but they call her Lala and last but not least Denise,
They approached chase and invited her to this Halloween bash.
Wait. Hold on… let me back up

At the beginning of the school year
Chase was a “loser”, she had no friends
Everyone made fun of her and called her a church girl
But one day in my science class she met Lanae
I was chase’s lab partner so that’s how I know her
But I tend to spy and ear hustle a lot so don’t ask how I know stuff.
Lanae was gorgeous, she was caramel skinned, she had one deep dimple on the left side
She had mixed girl hair
It was long, and curly
Almost like weave
She was apart of the popular girl group
China, Denise and Ava
One day she and her group decided to
Pull in Chase
They recreated her
She wore hoochie clothes
And her hair was out the bun
That she always had worn
In science class Chase didn’t work anymore
She left me to do all the work
It was almost as if she was too good for it
Me and chase never hung out
But when she seen Mikey
We began to talk a little more than usual
Mikey is my big brother
Who used to date Lanae, they were together
For 2 years, you should have seen
The massacre she caused when they broke up
She lied and
Told the entire school he hit her
In her face
She even lied again and said she was pregnant
But lost it because he hit her
When the whole school found out about
It, the boys chanted and cheered my brother on. But
Because he was popular, they gave him props
The boys looked at abuse as a good thing.
When the school found out Lanae was lying
The girls cheered her on but the boys didn’t like her anymore.

Mikey came in my class and told me my dad’s here
To pick us up.
I seen Chase starring at my brother for a while
Until he finally felt her staring him down and said hello
When we got home he said “why the hell does your lab buddy stare so hard? She’s lucky she’s cute otherwise I would’ve had a thing or two to say”
I didn’t say anything
He spoke again and said “I want a date to the Halloween bash, ask her to go with me”
I said okay so
The next day in science class we somehow became real buddies
She even did the lab work and I sat there and watched her.
I said “you like my brother and I know it
You’re new to this school so you must not know anything”
She said “how can you tell?” she avoided asking about what I meant about her not knowing anything
“You stared at him like he was handicapped”
Then she stared at me. I said “he wants to take you
To the Halloween bash”
She got so excited she knocked over the frog we were dissecting.
The bell rung and she dashed off to her locker
I left the room and seen the girls coming
Towards Chase
As I was walking, Mikey scooted through me and
The other students to get to chase
“Heeeey chasie girrrl!, You coming to the bash with
Us this weekend?” the girls said.
Mikey butted in “No, because she’s coming with me…Right chasie”.
You should’ve seen Lanae’s face. She looked like she wanted to say “what the hell are doing”. Chase looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders
“Yeah, I’m sorry girls. I’ll just have to meet you there”
Lanae was so mad she slammed chases locker closed “you can forget that”
Chase looked at Mikey and he told her don’t
Worry about it.
The very next class Lanae came by and smiled and waved at
Chase and after that things got a little weird
Lanae was back and forth she was her friend for two seconds but when the girls came around
She dissed her.
One day after school Lanae seen Chase
And was all like “I love your hair today, what are you wearing for Halloween? We are still meeting there right?”
She asked a million questions, so many Chase didn’t answer none of them
And of course the girls popped up
China said “why are you with this rat? The same sneaky rat that stole your man”
Lala added on “He doesn’t want ugly girls”
Then Ava came in “ Don’t forget who created you church girl”
They started making fun of her, calling her ugly
Fat, and dirty and laughed in her face. 
She wasn’t fat, she had one of those buffy the body type bodies. She was curvy and meaty.
Chase ran for the school bus and put her hood up and head down.
I shook my head and walked away
Four days flew by and Chase was falling in
Love with my brother and
She still didn’t speak to me
Lanae was still after Chase
The Halloween bash was the next day
And it’s definitely the talk of the school
At lunch
In the hallway
On the bus
The library
Even in the detention room
Everywhere I went “I’m wearing this, I’m wearing that”
But today I heard something different
I was walking down the halls to go
To the bathroom
I got one foot in
And I heard the girls talking
I peeped around the corners
And seen them huddled up
I backed up and listened
I couldn’t tell who said what
But I heard some pretty bad things
About what they were going to do to
They had their plan
So I came up with one of my own

*Lillian’s house*

I open door for Chase she
Didn’t even say Hi to me
Neither did I, I was too stuck on
Her costume
She was literally dressed as
A gogo dancer
My first impression was this night wasn’t going to end very well
“Where’s Mikey?” Chase asked
Before I even turned around to shout his name
he was already behind me
To make her costume worse my brother
Was dressed as pimp slickback
“Alright, let’s go” Mikey said
I took a quick look in the mirror
I was dressed as a zombie
Something simple and basic
I didn’t want to pull up in the same car as them
So I left in my moms car


China: oh hell no! Look at that bitch with your man
Denise: I know you’re not going to let that happen.

I seen lanae sit her cup down and immediately snatches Chase up to dance. I see the other girls get upset and confused.
We just got here and my brother seen his friends
And started acting up
He lost track of Chase
I turn to my left and see the girls walk
To Chase and lanae
They all danced around her
What is this? What are they doing?
China looks at me and mugged me
I turn away and got
A bag of chips
Then I notice one was missing
Where is Ava?
I sat on the couch and began over thinking
Trying to figure out what they really
Had up their sleeve
I took my eyes of Chase
And I lost her
I thought they’d show up
At some point.
An hour went by and no one came back up
I searched the party but It was so dim and crowed
It made it impossible to find her
So I stopped searching
I seen Denise come through the door
Followed by Ava followed by China
They rushed in the bathroom
Stayed in there for about 20 minutes
They all came out with small wet spots on
Their costumes
They blended in with the crowd and began
Dancing and they went buck wild
They kept looking at me
And I did know why
I went outside for fresh air
And the girls left
They shoved me and drove off
I got in my moms car
Turned off my head and tail lights
To try and make myself invisible
I swear I was driving for about an hour
Until they stopped at some well
Built cabin
I parked along the bushes
I got out and went to the cabin window
You’ll never guess what I seen

I seen chases costume on the floor
I scanned the cabin looking for Chase
while the girls were
In the living room like area relaxing
Until I heard a small noise in the backyard
It was so dark back there it almost made me afraid to go.
I crept quietly with my hand along
The fence for my guidance
About half way through
I felt a breast
Then I heard the noise again
“Ahh, Stop it!”
I flash my phone light
And I seen chase.
she was in her undergarments
Tied to the tree along the fence
Dangling from the rists from
A tree branch
Then I try to pipe her down but
She kicked and yelled
“Shhh! it’s me”
“yes, be quiet! I’m here to get you”
Instead of an “okay”…
“LEAVE HER ALONE!” Chase shouted
I turned around and I see China
“Nosey F***ing B***h, what is up with you?
Just a little unhappy creep”
I try to quickly undo the ropes
But she fired the gun in the air
And scared chase and I
I put my hands up and backed up
Lanae came out
“What’s going on?”
China said nothing
but why didn’t
She tell her I was there?
China and she go back into the cabin.
I undid Chase ropes she fell and we ran for my moms car
The doors were unlocked so we hoped in
I patted my pockets down in a rush.
I dropped the keys.
I got out and left chase in the car
I found the keys where chase was dangling
My phone rang and it was Mikey
“Where are you? Have you seen chase?”
I replied I’ll explain when I get home and hung up
I took a few steps and
I looked over and seen Lanae in the window
She stared back at me
Then she screamed “NOW”
I was confused and scared
So I ran for my car again
I was about 20 feet away and my car
I looked at the cabin and I seen the girls running through the back door. I ran after them
And china turned around and shot the gun towards me
I was shot in the leg. I was on the ground
Unable to move for about 2 hours
The ambulance came
I have no Idea who called them or when
But I was unconscious because I had lost a lot of blood.
I remember being in the truck driving along way with an air mask on 
I don’t remember the surgery
But after the surgery a police officer came in
My room and questioned me
And Chases mother rushed in the room
With chase’s grandmother
Chase’s grandmother tried to calm her down
But the officer was holding her back
  Chase’s grandmother said “who are you and what is this I hear about a murder?!”
I was afraid of her but I did reply
“I’m lillian and chase is dead”
Her grandmother had a stroke from the news
The police officer called for backup.
They touched her neck and knew she was dead.
Chase’s mother was removed from the room
Officer Daniel’s is what I seen on his badge, came back into my room
“You mean to tell me you’re involved in two homicides?”
“I didn’t do anything!”
He pulls out a pair of handcuffs and cuffs me
To my bed
“No, wait! You have the wrong girl!”
He walked out of the room and I continued to shout


Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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