Free Gray

I don’t need none of this stuff
I have an educational book
I can sit down and read
I can walk bare feet
and not even bleed

My mind rewinds
My soul heals
it cracks
And reheals again

But allow me to ask you if I cock a pistol to the air
And aim at your brain
Would you shake of fear
Or would you be ashamed
Ashamed? Ashamed because
we are all one
Through the naked black eye
It’s the enemy of the white man
Through the naked white eye
It’s the target of the black man

I would personally like to add
Those thoughts are true
A white man can be a murderer
A black man can be a thief
They kill because we steal our freedom
Our rights
Our justice
But look,
“I used all my food stamps”
“I just buried my son yesterday”
“My white shirt turned pink in the washer”
“My wife is committing adultery”
“I studied hard and my teacher still gave me a F”
“Our black president doesn’t care about us”
“The blood and the crips still haven’t arranged anything”
There are so many different problems in the world

But what we all fail to realize is
There is no him
There is no her
It will not be his fault
nor will it be hers
It will not be the white man’s or the blacks
The previous generation will not be at fault
For the simple fact WE ARE ALL A WHOLE
There are no sides
But there is INTEGRITY
We as a whole need not to
point the gun
Rather it’s your own or
Your enemy
But point the finger
at yourself
And Say
“I can do better, because somewhere in this world there is something bigger and better”

Look at your guardian and apologize
For the disappointments
Look at your own ethnicity and apologize
For ruining the entire population of your own by spoiling the bunch of apples
Look at yourself and apologize for your mistakes
And most of all look each other,
rather black, white, green, pink, blue or even gold, apologize to each other for
letting the next generation down
Most importantly yourselves.

Think about it
The american flag is red white and blue,
we divide ourselves and chose red and blue and use it against one another
Forgetting the white
Leaving the white to be the one against
Red and blue
We are all under the same flag
blacks rely on whites to protect
And whites rely on blacks to entertain,
But when we were all gone who relies on who?
We are all slowly fading away.

Life is what we are making it, and so far it is not a very happy place.
Drugs, THE EARTH’S leading addiction, someone somewhere is hooked on drugs and liquor because our own doesn’t care about their life.
Black lives matter. No, ALL LIVES MATTER
And then there’s
Sex, THE EARTH’S leading connection,
Someone somewhere is giving away their body because we as a whole are paying them to do so
And then you have,
Money, THE EARTH’S leading struggle
Someone somewhere is miserable, struggling for 20 dollars to make it. But we as a whole are criticizing and not helping.
All those things lead to death.
We as a whole ARE NOT HELPING ONE ANOTHER to stay alive.

Sad to say, death lives longer than we do
But we can fix that, if everyone steps up and go,
The world can be a better and safer place.
It all starts with YOU.

So I think it’s safe to say, This generation is upside down.
TOGETHER, we can flip it around.

Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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