It’s only one
Just me
Only me
I am alone in this room
The other side of the bed
Is cold
I tend to use that side
during the summer
I make one plate for breakfast and dinner
It’s suppose to be two
There are no bigger pair of shoes
Next to mine by the front door
The house is quiet
There are no loud football games playing
On the television
On sunday afternoon
Therefore there is no permanent
Dent in the single sofa chair
It’s just me and my shadow
Whenever I go outside
I wear shades and I keep my head down
Because it feels like my heart is missing
When I see a satisfied couple.
I don’t have a partner to make a couple
So I am not satisfied
Every relationship I’ve had
He either lied, cheated
Or he just left
Nothing ever lasts for me
I’ll just be the lonely leaf on the tree

Well at least that’s what I thought…

One day I went to supermarket
Just picking up a few things
This tall, handsome, muscular man
Approached me
He knocked over my basket of fruit
He apologized, picked it up
and apologized again
I smiled and walked away.
At the checkout line
He approached me again
Then asked me to lunch
So I said yes
We were at dinner, and we
Had a lot to talk about
I was laughing, smiling and blushing
It’s been 2 years since I last dated
And from that day forward
I was seeing someone

Well at least I thought I was…

Truth is, I was already happy
I was already satisfied
I just kept my mind on
Finding true love
But the only love I really need,
Is from my mother
And that’s not going away
Anytime soon
It’s just me and I’m okay with
I don’t have a worry in the world
Or a care to give
I am stress free
I am young and I will do as I want
When I want
And where I want because
I am S|I|N|G|L|E
And busy having fun
I will not ask anyone to
Go out because they’re “lovers”
May want them to stay home
Well, until they break their chain
I’ll be out and about cheering with joy.

…For Cece
Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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