Just The Two Of Us

Here I am in the docs office froze
Also paralyzed to the news
He gave me aids.
I thought he gave me passion, but he gave me something so life threatening that I could never see the outside again
but only to protect my citizens
By not distributing
He stole my world and put me in his
for me to never forget that he is not alone
to never forget the place where I was exposed to
I had never felt so neglected and used in my life.
The betrayal he has stabbed through my chest.
He told me that if I let him he’ll love me forever
and that we will go on together.
But sadly instead, we just felt the capacity under the blanket.
He felt my heavenly moist thighs and I felt his almighty strength
and together they created a matter
That created a reason
a purpose…
A memory
He thought of my body as a pie
But I allowed myself to cut the pie
I felt the love but I was blind to the fact that his love contained misery
I didn’t know that one hour to spare will cause a mishap that’ll ruin my future plans
I didn’t even know he thought of me despicably on the inside
Man, It’s like aids has a mind of Its own
I can feel it squirming around.
It’s taken a tour inside my body.
From head to toe
From eyes to nose
In my belly and all throughout my skeleton.
how could my personality could attract so much darkness.
It’s killing me physically and emotionally.
You see, condoms I don’t care about
They’re useless for me and punishment for them
Which brings me to this point
I have contracted something that will not go away.
It is forever a scene that can replay in my head over and over again.
They say the first mind is always right
I wish I had listened to it protecting my health
Which is winding down like an hourglass
My time is ticking and falling but yours is still moving up and forward
My interests has caused a terrible mistake that I cannot take back
No it’s not all his fault because it takes two to mate
and because of my silly agreement and failure to disagree,
My life is forever at stake
however I learned my lesson
but it’s not like i’ll get a second chance
to make a change but
Be careful of who and what you choose to
Take in.

Copyright© Kiah-kay Holman, 2014


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