Storm After Dark

No one notices me

No one senses my presents

Is my soul dead to me?

Or am I dead to my soul?

I’m like a screwed phone call

In and out, out and in

My service is terrible

I need help

How can I go see someone

When no one see’s me?

Can I be brave enough

To talk to someone

When no one hears me

I must be invisible?

Because when I walk by

The audience and try see thru me

They shoulder bump me

And not say excuse me

Am I alive?

They think I’m not here

Does this mean this can be the end

Of me?

Is there even a me?

Who am I?

Where am I?

Who is ‘I’ to even began with?

My life is all gray

All is see is darkness


There aren’t any colors

There is no joy

There are no friends

I know I’m suffering from depression

You may think I’m just down

Which maybe be true in my case

But here’s what depression means

To me










Why me? I don’t know

Oh excuse me

I’m sorry, please pardon my words it

Seems that the words ‘I’ and ‘me’

Keeps slipping out

Currently still trying to go figure

But while in that moment

Something has awaken on the inside

After that storm went by

The blue and yellow

Small streak of green

Rushes down in a crooked line

Leaving a small

Burnt black hole the cement

Something in the facial area is tingling

The heart area is slowly opening

The feeling of the corner of the mouth

Is starting to turn up

The light is even bright

I seen a beautiful rainbow

It has every Bright and sunny colors

But what is this?

Am I finally happy?

Did I just say I?

I’m realizing who I am

I finally look past the

Shadows of darkness

I seen beyond black

Incase you’re like me,

Having a second doubts,

Does not mean fly up

It can only mean walk forward.

Copyright © Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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