Rise Above Beneath

Everyone doubts the colored ones for the simple fact

I am the darker sister

The one whom the finger and eyes are pointed at accused of being illiterate

I am the the one in the darker skin

The one who was mentally and emotionally put down

“You won’t make it anywhere, but on your back!”

A voice shouted at me but I was too afraid to shout back.

The words are sharp, they pierce my brain.

I will not allow it to tattoo me.

The faces stare at me in unforgettable fierce

My dearest…

My dearest young people

Hear me, no don’t hear me

Listen, pay attention

Let my voice of words connect to you like magnets

Let my voice mention the truest statements, like the cover of the magazine by jets

Let my voice growl, bark and fear you

Like the neighborhoods’ dog pet.

My dearest young people,

We are not bill gates, but we all want to be.

We are not oprah winfrey, but we want to be.

However, we are ridiculously outrageous.

We allow the next one to Identify our knowledge as “stupidity”

Why must we consider what one is accusing us of?

Now, I see you trying, thinking hard, hand cramping.

I also see you wasting your breath.

They, say ‘a mind is a terrible thing to waist’

As A black women, I agree.

Although, a mind can also be a terrible thing to keep.

You see, your brain gives you actions.

The wour words from your mouth are what makes you… you.

If one chooses to act upon the blessings, it may result to you as self-educate.

If one chooses to act upon lessons, you may result as stupidity,

which brings me back to where I began, if you put in stupid you get out stupid with quite a bit of feedback.

My child, my child,

When I was growing up, I remember telling my mother over the phone “I can’t, it’s too hard” she always said “yes you can, you can do anything you want to do, you just have to focus”.

What did that mean? “go figure”.

“What is it that I want?”

It was just a walk around the world.

Started in one city went on about my walk and came back to where I started.

“What is it that I want? I have no hobby, no interest, no well paid job and my own mouth to feed”.

Well, let me tell you I had on my seat belt on my journey around the world, because I would have rather been safe than sorry.

I also might add, I didn’t waist my mind nor did I keep it.

I fed the world to my brain.

Once it was full, it was held high to show them and to seal their mouths closed. I suddenly Realized not only was my brain existing, but it was also living. Living among the great skies.

I never did make it to my back, but I did make it to success.
Copyright © Kiah-kay Holman, 2015


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